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Tech 3 Dryer Controls Protek Dryer Controls TouchScreen
The Protek easy-to-program touchpanel keeps the operator completely informed of the current condition of the resin material being processed.

Controls are mounted in an oil and dust tight NEMA-12 electrical enclosure. Organized for simplicity and efficiency, the control panel has plug-in modules, numbered terminal strips and clear, concise, ladder type wiring diagrams. All operator interface controls for the Protek controls are on the front panel, so the door remains closed during operation.

Standard Features

  • Allen Bradley Series 1400 Micrologix Platform.
  • Dew point monitoring with graph and bed shift on dew point.
  • Angled cabinet
  • Ethernet capable
  • Seven day programmable timer.
  • Dirty filter alarm.
  • Blower direction indicator.
  • Regeneration heater fault indicator.
  • Dew point alarm.
  • Index motor alarm.
  • Push up motor alarm.
  • High motor amps.

Model TD-200 Model TD-2000
At 71" x 106" x 96", the Model TD-2000 manufactured by Thoreson McCosh offers efficient, cost effective, energy saving drying performance, and is ideal for:
  • Centralized, simultaneous material drying of multiple resins.
  • Large throughput requirements of 2000 pounds or more.