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MC-Unit Additive Feed Units
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These new precision additive feed units come in a variety of sizes with models for pelletized materials or free-flowing powders. Installation is fast and easy. Up to four units can fit on one throat between the material hopper and the machine feed screw. Magnetic separators, mixers and slide gates can be added if desired.

Calibrating the feeders is simple and because the unit is rimed with the molding machine, the material is added evenly throughout the screw recovery cycle. This gives a complete distribution of additive into the virgin material and better quality in the finished product.

  • Feed Rates are Available for to 500 lbs. per hour
  • Models Aavailable for Free Flowing Palletized Material
  • Hinged Motor Design Allows Easy Removal of Auger and Sleeve for Quick Material Changes
  • Inclined Auger Prevents Material Dribble when Auger Stops
  • Optional Feed Throat Mixer can be added at Any Time
  • Optional Controller Using Motor Feedback Provides Digital Speed Control and Display

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