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The Fully-Automatic Powder Loader for Small Injection Molding Machines
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The WhirlWind Powder Loader was expressly designed for use with small injection loading machines, blow molders, extruders, and as a color concentrate loader for material blenders. Powered by a 1/2 horsepower industrial fan-cooled motor; the WhirlWind Powder Loader is powerful enough to load powdered material at a rate of 500 lbs./hour. Its lightweight, durable construction, and compact size allow the WhirlWind to be easily moved from one machine to the next.

Fully Automatic:
The WhirlWind Powder Loader is completely automatic -- engaging and disengaging material flow in response to a signaled request for additional blended material. This important feature saves power; cuts run time, and leads to extended equipment life.

Self Cleaning:
Designed for automatic self-cleaning, the WhirlWind delivers a high velocity pulse of compressed air; from an internal surge tank, through the powder filter -- cleansing it of leftover powder and other undesirable materials.

Tools Unnecessary:
This unique model is designed with Quick-Release lid-Clamps for simple maintenance, making tools unnecessary.

Additional Features:

  • Air-Operated
  • Lightweight/Portable
  • Loads Most Free-flowing Powders
  • Flapper Valve (Standard)
  • 16 oz. Porosity Rating
  • Internal Filter (Bag House type)
  • 3/4" NPT Blow Back Hose
  • Optional Brushless Design for Longer Motor Life
  • Conical Dump valve (Optional)

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