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TD Series
Thermal-D dryers for plastic material processors.
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Thermal-D dryers for plastic material processors.

Thoreson McCosh has been a leader in providing low-maintenance material handling system since 1947. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest drying, blending, and conveying equipment possible. Since we manufacture nearly forty (40) different types and sizes of efficient, cost effective dryers, you're certain to find the system that best suites your specific needs and requirements.

The Thermal-D's totally closed loop valveless drying system is engineered to prevent moisture, dire, and other substances from contaminating processed materials. The Thermal-D Tech microprocessor controlled drying system is completely automatic and self diagnostic.

The indexing triple desiccant bed design provides greater absorbing capacity and efficient drying, while using less power and less desiccant. This design also allows the dryer to use the residual regeneration heat that is recovered from cool down to preheat the process air flow, making the unit extremely energy efficient. The desiccant beds feature horizontal flow, which prevents bead fluidization and desiccant abrasion. Cool down takes place in the process stream, which creates an economical, extremely dry desiccant with increased moisture absorbing capability. With this revolutionary system, heat that would normally be wasted is now reclaimed and used in the drying process.

Heat energy recovered from the regeneration cycle is reclaimed and reintroduced into the process airstream for increased energy efficiency.

Counterflow regen-air regenerates the desiccant bed more efficiently, assuring a constant effective process air dew point of -40 degrees or lower, even under the most severe drying and humid atmospheric conditions. Regen-air is filtered to prevent desiccant bed contamination during regeneration.

The material drying hopper fits all molding machines/extrusion lines and is designed to eliminate material and air channeling. The diffuser cone provides drying to the extreme bottom of the hopper. This eliminates wasteful and cumbersome material purge and reloads any undried resin back into the top of the hopper during startup.

Thermal-D Dryer's Include:

  • The triple bed indexing system that has no rotating or moving seals and airflow valves that have been completely eliminated.
  • High pressure blowers which provide more effective process air flow to material and desiccant bed regeneration.
  • A bed index rotation indicator.
  • Extra large filters that provide filtration of drying air while preventing desiccant air contamination.
  • The cylindrical desiccant bed provides increased moisture absorbing capacity.
  • Efficient static seals that prevent leakage and cross air contamination between desiccant beds while eliminating rotational seal wear and lubrication problems.
  • The vertical manifold unclamping system eliminates load on the rotate drive motor during desiccant bed indexing.
Dryer Unit Features:
  • Energy saving automatic switching of desiccant beds when dew point level would affect drying efficiency. (This option pays for itself by eliminating unnecessary regeneration cycles when material moisture level or atmospheric conditions reduce drying requirements.)
  • Process and regeneration heater bank function indicators.
  • Indicators to ensure correct blower rotation.
  • Indicator lights that sense process filter condition.
Dryer Unit Options:
  • A power saving regeneration heater shut down service that senses when the regeneration cycle is complete.
  • The dryers can be connected to microprocessor based control systems or integrated with central computer based monitoring systems.
  • For PET materials, a high heat process heater bank and an after cooler can be provided.
  • A continuous airflow meter constantly checks the dryer's performance.

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